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                Platinum Division to provide you with the best after sales service, have any questions and suggestions you can contact us.

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                NPI Series

                NPI Series Characteristic
                • powder core suitable for hight power density device
                • Applications
                • Core Loss Curves
                • Temp.Curves
                • Frequency Curves
                • DC Bias
                • Specification

                NPI Generation series products:


                1.6.5% silicon iron alloy with distributed air gap

                2.High saturation flux density

                3.Excellent DC Bias performance

                4.Lower loss than iron core

                5.Good temperature stabilization


                1.PFC choke for communication

                2.PFC choke for server power supply,

                3.PFC choke for UPS,

                4.Switching regulator inductor,

                5.INV Choke for PV Inverter ,

                6.Output choke for general industrial power supply


                Poco is able to customize the design to meet customers’ requirements.


                2.Basic information

                 Notes:All data are provided by POCO testing platforms

                Part Number AL ±8% Permeability Before coating                After coating Sample request PDF
                Outer dimension Inner dimension Height Outer dimension Inner dimension Height
                (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch)
                max min max max min max